Aug 29

How to negotiate with the Bank

Today’s article seeks to reveal some tips and tricks on how to negotiate with the bank some commissions , especially the management and maintenance of account, you know , the kind of 6 euros for such management , 2 euros the seal of the letter , 4 transfer euros , 30 euros etc card .
Come on, about 200 euros a year so yourself silly .

Types of bank :
36 euros for account maintenance , at least 3 euros transfer 36 euros in total considering an average of 12 annual transfers ( rent, for example) , 2.6 euros fee to withdraw money from an ATM of another, 12 times a year is 31 euros annual fee credit and debit cards , the debit € 12 , 30 the credit , on average. According to a study by Consumer magazine , the average customer is left Spanish bank fees between 80 and 200 per year . Some money is significant . The problem is that the customer of the bank here in Spain is not usually question things . What we charge 500 euros? Well they have to, right? . No, gentlemen . You need to negotiate with the bank !

Tips and tricks for negotiating with the bank service charges :
- Make a list with unfair bank charges you would have your bank eliminated . Go with it (or memorize) to your bank manager. Above all , be clear what you want.
- If you have your salary paid into the bank and / or savings deposits some money interesting , you will have more chances of success in your trading .
- Instead of being begging to commercial account and begging , the best thing to do is simply find one of the many banks that offer ” zero fees ”

- Debit to the competition that exists in this world , is that the new offices , still very few customers are what make best deals.
- According Ausbanc (Association of Bank Users ) offices located in towns and urban centers usually offer a worse service, less personalized, due to its high number of customers , so they do not feel the ” desperation ” to keep their customers. What is commonly said is ” more than enough ” .
- The independent banks online ( internet banking ) are not generally apply any commissions.

- Almost all banks accept card override commissions (due and credit) for maintenance (removal of the annual fee ) . If your bank does not accept , consider hiring a credit card with no annual maintenance fee . There are several on the market.
- Check frequently your online bank account ( or the way that’s most comfortable) and watch the commissions that you apply your bank. Any commission that apply bank must appear in the contract signed at the time of hiring the product / service. If not , he claims. Then the claim made in the bank, if necessary , you can file a complaint to the Bank
- On the banks everything is negotiable.

Aug 29

How to build your own personal budget

What you’ll need ?
You will need approximately 20 minutes to complete this process in its simplest form . If you do not have the time now, I recommend you save this item to your favorites or send it to your own address for review later . You can use the link that says ” Share this article ” at the end of the text to send it .
If you’re ready / a to start , you’ll need :
1. Paper and pencil or spreadsheet program .
2. An estimate of your monthly income and fixed expenses
3. An estimate of the expenses you have that do not occur monthly ( taxes, insurance premiums, tuition , etc. .

Step 0 – Columns
The first thing to do is create four columns to enter : Description, Estimated Value , Real Value , Difference .
These columns are use to all the categories that we use . The Difference column should express the difference between the estimated value and the Real Value as a percentage. You can also use the currency difference , but it is easier to grasp the concept in percentages.
Put down in the same columns , each the categories discussed below.

Step 1 – Income
The first category will be your income . You must list all income you receive monthly. Your salary, rental income , rental property , alimony, independent work , etc. .
If you do your budget on a spreadsheet, my recommendation is that you make these negative numbers and as you will see below, your expenses will be positive. This is easily as they usually have more information you enter your expenses and is easier to enter them as positive values ​​(not have to remember to put the negative sign at all!)
At the beginning of the month must enter only the estimated values. When you get the actual value ( when you receive your income effectively ) writes the actual values ​​and calculates the differences .

Step 2 – Saving and Investing
Then list the outflows than for savings or investments .
List here any contributions on retirement funds , fixed-term accounts or simply save the extra money each month.
It is very important that these outflows are separate from the cost itself, because it helps you keep the habit of saving. Continue reading

Aug 12

Is it a good time for a mortgage?

Given the current situation, getting a mortgage can be very complicated attractive. Institutions reluctant to give credit due to rising delinquencies and to offset the decline of Euribor, have increased the interest rate differential which apply over Euribor. So last year, only very attractive profiles, we have seen mortgage with a spread of less than 1% or fixed interest rates around 6.00%.

We can say that the current crisis because the Spanish were forced to apply for personal loans or credit worst express to carry out the payment of an automobile, housing reforms, paying university fees or unforeseen expenditures.

The mortgage is the most common form of loan for home purchase. Although in recent years housing prices have suffered numerous cuts, the idea of ​​getting buy the house based solely on savings, is a utopian idea to the Spanish average.

Spreads on variable rate mortgages are clear rise. The banks are adjusting their loan portfolio, one after another, disappearing repositioning best deals and those that do not change much. By analyzing the current portfolio of loans we see that in most cases, the cost to be paid exceeds 1.00%, which shall be added to the evolution of the Euribor.

Still, variable rate mortgages are still much cheaper than fixed rate mortgages. Consider that the current Euribor value is in the 1,240%, which added to a spread of 1.20% returns a 2.44% interest rate … 5.40% well below the floor resulting proposals to fixed.

The first thing to reduce the difference, is trying to negotiate with the entity or employ experts in the sector, with its experience and preferential treatment may reduce the spread and get the best mortgage according to his profile.

The second thing is to sign a series of linked products, which typically offer entities that bonifican differential and thus reduce the interest payable, including: Domiciliar payroll, household bills, apply for credit card, home insurance contract , life insurance contract, hire a savings plan and / or pensions.

Aug 12

Investment funds, pension plans and investment in the stock market

Pension plans and mutual funds, are investment instruments with many similarities, mainly in that both consist in providing capital to a fund managed by the manager of the pension plan or fund. When the investor contributes money, the manager creates new shares are issued to the investor. When making the decision to divest change the delivery manager for capital in exchange for the shares, which disappear at the same time. In this sense, the number of units is variable.

When the case is a publicly traded company, the number of shares is fixed, with investors who buy and sell the fixed number of shares. The difference is that if you buy shares, we will find out who we want them to sell and vice versa. Also, knowing stock investing involves not only buying and selling stocks, there are many aspects to consider about.

When it comes to mutual funds or pension plans, this duality does not exist, because, every time someone invests in funds or plans, they get bigger (you create shares), and conversely, if sold, will become smaller (the shares disappear). On the other hand, the value assigned to the shares, is obtained by dividing the fund’s total assets by the number of shares, without establishing, as with stocks, by supply and demand.

Both stock market investment, as pension plans and mutual funds, we provide a number of advantages and risks vary according to the choice we make. We have to weigh what is best suited to our needs and preferences and further information. To do so, please consult specialist sites or with a bank that can advise you about.

Aug 12

Buying and investing in mutual funds

Are you looking to buy or invest in mutual funds? If so, it is a great idea as you leave your money in the bank is not the best option. The money must move to generate wealth so take note of a few tips you offer to buy or invest funds.

The first thing to know is what fund is best for your money. It is the key, as you must know before starting your savings game where not lose them in no time. If you do not want to get ripped off because you’re not yet an expert in this world, what you can do is talk to your bank and they usually give you some rabbits or help you when choosing between one or the other.

Internet can also help where you’ll find a lot of information. There are many online banks that offer you advice and put at your disposal experienced staff will offer you advice as you see fit.

An example is SelfBank bank. It is one of the banks that operate over the Internet with more prestige and with the broadest portfolio of clients. Go ahead and invest in funds with the bank. Thanks to its services find the best mutual funds and may at your disposal everything you need to make your successful purchase.

As you see, it does not take a real expert in the world of the stock market to buy or invest in mutual funds. Let the professionals help you and everything will be easier.